John G. Surovek Gallery, Palm Beach will be exhibiting LOXAHATCHEE, a series of paintings based upon my travels through Florida over the last few years. The exhibition features several monumental paintings of flamingos, alligators and lily pads... one of which (I'm not saying who) chased me down a dirt path in Big Cypress last March. 

The exhibition opens December 12, 2017. 

BIRCH is at the printer!

BIRCH, my first children's book, has cleared the proof stage and is on the way to the printer, on time and just a wee bit over budget, but hey... we learn as we go. It was a Maine-based project from start to finish, with design work by Sean Wilkinson of Might & Main, Portland; photography by Zack Bowen of the Knack Factory, Portland; and printing by Penmor Press, Lewiston. Information about sales and such will be posted soon - can't wait to see it! 

BIRCH scheduled for release May 2017

All the illustrations for my first children's book, BIRCH, have been dropped off at the designers and will be going to press in March, with a scheduled release date of May 1st, 2017. The book will coincide with an exhibition of new paintings at DOWLING WALSH GALLERY in Rockland, Maine this summer. 

BIRCH has been a number of years in the making, and is based upon the old Gluskap legends of my chilldhood. A birch tree watches the woods and all her creatures descend into chaos and fear over a coming time of great cold and darkness, although nobody knows who, exactly, has been spreading such rumors. It is a cautionary tale as relevant now as ever, and is lavishly illustrated and produced entirely here in Maine. 



OF WHALES IN PAINT at the Portland Museum of Art. Includes paintings by Rockwell Kent, Jamie Wyeth, Leonard Baskin, Frank Stella and Scott Kelley. The exhibition runs through December 30, 2016. 

Cobalt Blue

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